Saturday, 29 November 2014

How To Make Bamboo Candles

Bamboo candles
Bamboo candles are easily-made and beautiful alternatives to the standard homemade candles.  Forget the wine bottles and dripping wax and melting down crayons!  Create your own bamboo candles to accompany a romantic bamboo mealor to use when you slip into your cozy Ari Yoga Pants and spend some time meditating by their natural glow.  They also make unique centerpieces for an upcoming eco-friendly wedding!
Here’s what you need to make your bamboo candles:
  • Bamboo canes, roughly  6 inches in diameter
  • Saw
  • Wax
  • Double Boiler
  • Large wick with metal tab
Here’s how to make your bamboo candles:
  1. Use the saw to cut the bamboo canes to differing lengths.  Make sure they have level bottoms!
  2. Melt wax in a double boiler.
  3. Once melted, pour 2 inches of wax into the bamboo cane.
  4. Immediately insert the wick into the bamboo candle.
  5. Let the wax harden.
  6. Fill the remaining area of the bamboo cane with wax.
  7. Let the wax cool for 4 hours before using.
  8. Before using, trim the wax to ¼ inch.
For more creative do-it-yourself ideas, visit Green Earth News’ Bamboo Crafts section!

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